Republican-led Legislature Keeps Losing Court Battles Over Controversial Laws

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After the decision late last week by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to strike down almost all of the monster voter suppression act, the current legislature has now lost 6 high profile challenges to controversial laws. All of this has cost millions in taxpayer money to defend these unconstitutional laws. 

Read more about what bills have been struck down in this CBC editorial,

  • Separation of powers – The state Supreme Court ruled the legislature over-reached when it sought to control a panel set up to deal with the state’s coal ash crisis.
  • Congressional redistricting – Unconstitutional gerrymandering forced federal courts to demand a special primary election this year for members of the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Local school board and county commissioner districts – Unprompted, the legislature redrew Wake County Commission and School Board districts, which federal courts rejected.
  • Teacher association payroll deduction – State courts found the legislature’s effort to prevent the N.C. Association of Educators from using payroll deduction to collect dues was illegal.
  • Judicial “retention” elections – The state Supreme Court rejected an effort to change direct election of state Supreme Court justices to so-called retention elections, a thinly-veiled attempt to protect Republican justices.
  • Voter ID and other ballot-access changes – In a scathing and unsparing opinion the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals just last week labeled unconstitutional and racist, a series of changes to the state’s elections laws that curtailed voting rights of African Americans. 


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    Ken Wilson
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    Sounds like we taxpayers might be due a refund of all the money they've spent during their tenure. Let their incompetence be paid for out of their own pockets rather than ours.
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    Joel F Reed
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    It's time their clandestine operation is exposed and called out for what it is. Their legislation does not not reflect the wishes of the thinking people of NC. The Republican leadership including the governor MUST GO!!!!!
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