Red Flag Warning of GOP's State Budget Disaster

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Former State Dept. of Revenue Official Published Op-Ed Just One Day Before Gov. McCrory Rolled Out Teacher Pay Raise Plan with NO DETAILS ON HOW TO PAY FOR IT and Just Days after State Projected a $445M Budget Hole.

Sabra Faires, a former assistant secretary for Tax Administration at the N.C. Department of Revenue, penned this Op-Ed in the Raleigh News & Observer, which published on Tuesday, May 6th, one day before Gov. McCrory's announcement on teacher pay.  Ms. Faires works in Raleigh.
Raleigh News & Observer Op-Ed: "Budget Disaster of Gigantic Proportions Looms over North Carolina"
Ms. Faires' op-ed includes these observations:

"The structural deficit is not the result of a sudden downturn in the economy or another unexpected event. On the contrary – it is the result of the 2013 tax law changes that reduce expected revenues below expected expenses."

"That leaves education to bear the brunt of solving the structural deficit.  Teacher pay raises will come at the cost of reducing other education spending and North Carolina will continue its downward spiral in education funding."


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