Raleigh News & Observer: He’s the Raleigh man behind the Twitter account outing racists – and ‘I’m not going away’

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Logan Smith, Communications Director of Progress NC Action, is the man running the Twitter handle @YesYoureRacist. With the help of his followers, he's called out several of those who attended the protests in Charlottesville over the weekend. 

From Raleigh News & Observer:

In the past, Smith’s account has mostly just retweeted people making statements Logan found to be racist. This weekend’s events in Charlottesville mark the first time he said he has used photos to call out people.

“I just started seeing all these photos from the torch march Friday night and the riots on Saturday and it was just so disturbing,” he said. “These photos from the torch march – it was exactly what you see in photos from 1930s Germany. But this is not happening in history books or some faraway country – it’s here, it’s now.

“And these people aren’t afraid anymore. They’re not hiding behind their hoods like they did before the civil rights era. They are out and proud. I think if they are so proud of their beliefs and proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with neo-Nazis and KKK members and white supremacists of all stripes, then I think their communities need to know who they are. They’re not random faces in the crowd, they’re your neighbors, they’re your coworker, they’re the people you pass in the grocery store.”

The attention from @YesYoureRacist got one man disowned by his family and another man is no longer employed at a hot dog restaurant in California.

“I’m not trying to get anybody fired,” Smith said. “I’m not contacting anybody’s employers. But you know, if someone goes to a white supremacists’ rally and their employer sees them, then that’s their prerogative – and that’s something they probably should have thought about.”


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    Pat Sullivan
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    Thank you for being in the grand tradition of people who dare speak the truth in spite of danger. We moved out of NC when I was a baby (early 1943) after my dad caught the president of what is now East Carolina University embezzling. All through World War II the case was headline news. I grew up knowing that blowing whistles against corruption of any kind is dangerous but necessary. I am so grateful you are doing so much to help heal my home state. Between the work of you and Rev. William Barber, Raleigh looks better all the time. I support you and so grateful for you.
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    "intimidation tactics are how these people operate. They want to make you scared to stand up, and speak out." Which is precisely his own tactics turned back on himself. What's that they say about karma?
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