Raleigh N&O Weighs In with Scathing Editorial on Republican State Budget

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The Raleigh New & Observer has weighed in on the Republican budget now headed for Gov. McCrory. Here are some excerpts:

"When it comes to math, teachers are a tough group to fool. Most will see this raise for what it is: a grudging and belated pay increase inflated by shifting benefits and dressed up as a campaign talking point."...

"This is a budget drawn up by panicked legislators on the eve of midterm elections. That’s reflected in the rush to do something for teachers by cutting of health and welfare benefits for poor people who don’t have much of a voice in elections. The budget reduces subsidized child care for the poor and cuts Medicaid payments to hospitals."...

"This budget does not build up the state’s main engine for advancement, the University of North Carolina. It doesn’t support major new public projects or pay for ways to help the unemployed or underemployed. It has no ideas for helping the state’s weakest and most vulnerable people.

"What it does, Republicans hope, is pay their way past Election Day."

Click here to read the full scathing editorial of the Republican budget now headed for Gov. McCrory.



  1. Barbara Shaver's avatar
    Barbara Shaver
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    This sort of political trickery is why I chose not to retire in N. Carolina which used to have such promise.
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    James Hensley
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    I moved to NC from another State after I graduated from college. It was 1991 and after much research into where I might like to teach, I decided it would be NC. That was over 20 years ago and I'm here to tell you, things have sure changed. Then, public education seemed to be a priority. NC was not the highest paying State but it was better than many. I could have moved up north or out west to receive better pay and better benefits but having grown up in the South, I wanted to stay in the South. I felt a deep desire to become an agent of change, to help my students learn the content I was teaching, but also learn valuable life lessons that would help them grow into responsible and productive citizens. I chose to teach primarily in inner city schools because I felt that is where the greatest need was...and I was (and am) determined to make a tangible difference in the lives of as many young people as possible. But how has the NCGA and our Governors repayed my loyalty to the children of NC over the last several years...by freezing teacher salaries, by slashing public school funding and even going as far as using pubic school funds to support Charter Schools and a whole score of other cuts that is doing nothing more but undermining public education in this state. I really don't enjoy writing these comments, and if the general assemble and our current governor actually cared about education and teachers, I wouldn't have to. It is more than clear the the statements from the News and Observer are absolutely right on the money, Legislators are simply scrambling to appear to do something for teachers because elections are right around the corner and it sickens me to watch. They are only concerned with keeping their jobs and staying in power, not for the hard working people who dedicate their lives to doing what is right for children and ultimately for our state and country. All they've managed to do in Raleigh with the kinds of laws they're passing is make it impossible for school officials to fill vacant teaching positions with highly qualified teachers because they are leaving NC in record numbers to teach in other States or leaving the profession completely. Instead, they have created a hostile environment for teachers by demanding more but providing less and less each year. <br /> In closing, I would like to mention one last thing. I am a Democrat, have been since I was old enough to vote. I have never voted for a Republican candidate...until Pat McCrory ran for Governor. You see, I was not at all happy with the previous administration. I thought our Governor, being a former teacher herself, should have done more to protect teachers than her administration did. If anyone should know the trials and tribulations of public school teachers, it should be her. So, after watching debates and doing my homework, I decided to vote for McCrory. I thought I would, for the first time reach across the isle and take a chance...and it was a mistake of epic proportions. Not only has conditions for teachers gotten much worse during his time in office, public education in NC has become the laughing-stock of the Nation. How could such a progressive, child centered State back in 1991 de-evolve into what it has become today? Now some people might read this and their first reaction might be to tell me to stop my belly-aching, after all teachers get summers off and how hard could it be to teach? My response would be that most of the teachers I know not only are forced to work summer jobs (so no vacation) they usually have to work second jobs during the school year to support their families, everything from bagging groceries to waiting tables and these are people with college degrees. It is infuriating and embarrassing to say the least so Gov. McCrory, you and the other people in the photograph above laugh it up while you can because you've made a lot of voters extremely unhappy...including most of your Republican base who are teachers and we all are looking forward to to the next election cycle!
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    Brenda Bullock
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    Why is the State Legislature so determined to punish teachers? Is this a passive aggressive realization for something that happened in 6th grade?<br /> Educators are professionals. We strive to not only educate the future of NC but continually improve ourselves as well. We are required by law to stay up to date on any number of issues to retain our license. <br /> Are any other state employees having to give up their longevity? Are other state employees still receiving pay from a 6 year old pay scale while the cost of living continues to rise? Others complain about the hours a teacher works, summers off, and how anyone could do what we do. Hmmmm. <br /> We have roughly 10 weeks between school terms in a traditional school. Of those 10 weeks, I was at a conference for 1 week, staff development 1 week and returning early 1 week because I can't be totally prepared with 5 days to prep. During those 5 days,3 of them will be consumed by meetings, staff development and student orientation.<br /> So, state legislature, Mr. Tillis and Mr. Cook please tell what I did that is deserving of the unprofessional treatment I have been subjected to by you and your colleagues. You would not stand by and allow this misrepresentation of justice toward you, would you?
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    Lynn Georgiady
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    This is such a sad situation for many people in NC, not just teachers. Yes, I agree that politicians such as Phil Berger, Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory are hurting education. But I want to speak about political parties in our country. I hear from people, "I don't care about the party," only fairness, only the individual politician, etc. one MUST care and look up each party platform. That is the road map they are striving for! If you are a politician in whatever party, you will be doing what your party wants and desires if you want endorsements and want to remain in their good graces. So look up the party platform first, then look up the person's voting record, then VOTE!
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    Jim Hayes
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    I was born and raised in Blowing Rock and was a student in public schools in Watauga county. When Gov. Holshouser, from Boone, was elected, he made education top priority. After he left office, and the state had a surplus in the budget, it has been the desire of the legislature to spend that surplus and put the state at the brink of bankruptcy. <br /> I moved from North Carolina last November; because, the swirl in the toilet bowl of the state was getting too strong to keep my head above the water. The state, like our nation, is going down the toliet!
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    The supposed "poor" were as responsible as any body for electing our glorious president. What do you mean they don't have a voice?
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    Sarah morgan
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    Well said James Hensley! I also am a teacher in NC. I was born and raised at the coast and knew I wanted to come back after college and serve my communities' school children! I began teaching in 2003 and I'm Became National Board Certified in 2008. Sadly- I still leave pay check to pay check and work with many people that have 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I have emailed our senators and governors and the response back is such fluff.... I propose every governor and senator be made to go sit in a public school classroom k-12 from 7:45 to 3:30 every day for a month. Not a day, not a week, but a month. I really think they will then be awakened from this deep sleep they are in about the value teachers and administrators are to our children of NC... Just a thought!!
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