Raleigh News & Observer Cartoon: "Taking NC Back to the Flat Earth Era"

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  Raleigh News & Observer cartoonist Dwane Powell strikes again.

political cartoon lampooning leaders of NCGA


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    So true!
  2. Greg Fraunfelter's avatar
    Greg Fraunfelter
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    I swear democrats could ALL star on the drama network because they know drama. Geesh. Talk about exaggeration!
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    Nancy Morton
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    How is this "exaggeration? The GOP, to a member apparently, doesn't believe in the facts of Global Warming, denying the Science which is universally accepted. The earth is 6,000 years old for these people. They even wrote a law outlawing the findings for the future loss of land mass by the encroachment of the ocean on our coastline. Science is an enemy for them because it contains the reality they don't want to face. Who's the drama star now!
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    Thomas Payne
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    Welcome to North Korealina.
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