Proposed HB2 'fix' actually isn't one

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A new proposal from right-wingers in the legislature is being billed as an attempt to "fix" provisions of the discriminatory HB2 measure. However, the proposed changes do very little if nothing at all to "fix" some of the more blatant discrimination within the bill, largely against people who identify as transgender and others in the LGBT community. 

The Charlotte Observer: 

The N.C. legislature’s effort that emerged Tuesday to “fix” House Bill 2 includes some worthwhile provisions but does nothing to address some of the law’s biggest flaws.

The new legislation – which was only in draft form on Tuesday afternoon but could be taken up very soon – leaves in place the two most egregious aspects of HB2. Those were stripping cities of their ability to pass their own non-discrimination ordinances, and requiring transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate rather than with their gender identity.

The draft legislation, obtained by Observer news partner WBTV, keeps both of those provisions in place. That’s why gay-rights advocates called it “House Bill 2.0” and a “doubling down” on HB2.

If this legislation passes in its current form, lawmakers will have done less than put a Band-Aid on the problem. They will just have cleaned up the wound a little while leaving it there to continue to infect the state and its national reputation.

Our state legislature should put more effort into reforms made to the HB2 measure or simply repealing it all together given the very limited role that this "fix" will do for people in the LGBT community and the public outrage both from North Carolinians and outside of the state on its already discriminatory nature. 



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