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In case you missed the April 28th edition of Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC, you can catch our Executive Director, Gerrick Brenner, on the show (as well as other outstanding panelists) by visiting the following links to the segments of the show mentioning North Carolina:

What America could look like if Republicans had complete control (Disturbing summary of what the far right has done in NC by host Steve Kornacki.)

Rev. Barber: We won’t allow voter ID law to stand (How North Carolinians intend to fight back.)

How North Carolina became a Republican hegemony (Gerrick addresses the Voter Integrity Project’s ethical problems at 2:20 and the full spectrum of attacks on voting rights in NC at 4:43.)

Where North Carolina politics foreshadows national politics (Gerrick lays out the far right’s attacks on public education at 2:30.)

We’re glad to see North Carolina’s current extremist political agenda exposed nationally and we’re proud to be playing a role in fighting it. If you would like to help by taking action immediately, please visit our advocacy page on Early Voting and tell Gov. McCrory to treat North Carolina voters like his #1 customers.


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