Progress NC Action Statement on Ethics Complaint Dismissal

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Progress NC Action released the following statement on Thursday in response to the State Ethics Commission's decision to end its investigation into Gov. Pat McCrory's pattern of omitting conflicts of interest on his state ethics forms:

"This decision makes a mockery of the state's ethics law and the Ethics Commission itself," said Progress NC Action executive director Gerrick Brenner. "Gov. McCrory's ethics forms are a minefield of omissions and contradictions, and it's incredible to think that the governor's errors were an innocent oversight. Any investigator who concludes Pat McCrory's ethical omissions were just a series of honest mistakes must also believe the moon is made of cheese. Thankfully for the public, there is a U.S. Attorney in Raleigh who has convened a grand jury which has issued subpoenas to investigate some of the governor's many conflicts of interest."

"Despite pledging to run an open and transparent administration, Gov. McCrory has refused to allow these Ethics Commission investigations to be open to the public," said Brenner. "If Governor McCrory believes he is truly vindicated and he has nothing to hide, he should release his written responses to the ethics complaints which were filed with the Ethics Commission and have not been made public. 


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    You REALLY the "Ethics Commission" to find their benefactor at fault??<br /> <br /> McCrory names three to State Ethics Commission<br /> Posted on January 3, 2014 by Bryan Warner<br /> <br /> Gov. Pat McCrory on Friday announced three appointments to the State Ethics Commission.<br /> Comprised of eight members who serve four-year terms, the commission is tasked with establishing ethical standards for certain public officials and state employees, requiring public disclosure of economic interests by state government officials and interpreting lobbying laws in North Carolina.<br /> The appointees are:<br /> • Judge John M. Tyson (Cumberland County) – Judge Tyson will serve as chairman of the commission. He is a current member, having been appointed by the speaker of the House in 2012. He served on the N.C. Court of Appeals and as an emergency superior court judge.<br /> • Judge Ralph Walker (Wake County) – Walker is the former director of the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts. A former trial lawyer, prosecutor and county attorney, he served as a Guilford County superior court judge. Also, he has served as a judge on the N.C. Court of Appeals and as chair of the N.C. Dispute Resolution Commission.<br /> • William P. Farthing Jr. (Mecklenburg County) – Farthing was the first full-time managing partner for the business law firm Parker Poe. He has served on the firm’s board of directors for more than 20 years and was the firm’s CEO and chairman of the board for 10 years. He is the attorney for Johnson C. Smith University.
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