POLL: Wake Voters Rattle the Broom for What Could Be A Clean Sweep

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In Wake of Their Decision to Deny Voters a Chance to Vote on Teacher Pay, ALL FOUR Incumbent Republican Wake Co. Commissioners Are Trailing Their Democratic Challengers in Run Up to Nov. Election

RALEIGH -- All four of Wake County’s incumbent Republican County Commissioners now trail their Democratic challengers in the runup to November’s election, according to a recent poll.

The Public Policy Polling survey of 586 likely voters found that Democratic commission candidate Jessica Holmes leads Republican incumbent Rich Gianni 50% to 38%, with 12% of voters remaining undecided. Fellow Democrats Sig Hutchinson and Matt Calabria each hold four-point leads over their Republican opponents, while John Burns holds a three-point lead over Republican incumbent Paul Coble. 

The poll also shows that the Republican majority was clearly on the wrong side of public opinion when they voted Monday to deny voters the opportunity to vote on a pay raise for public school teachers. By a more than 2-to-1 margin, Wake voters support a quarter-cent referendum to raise teacher salaries. The PPP survey found that a whopping 61% of Wake County voters support the defeated referendum to raise teacher pay, while 30% oppose it.

In trying to justify his decision to deny Wake voters the opportunity to decide on a teacher pay raise, Republican Commissioner Joe Bryan parroted a claim of GOP state lawmakers that the General Assembly has imposed the “largest teacher pay raise in state history.” The claim is patently false, and the General Assembly’s teacher pay plan has been widely criticized by veteran teachers, administrators, and newspapers across the state.

“Republicans on the Wake County Commission just hitched their wagon to a General Assembly which is hugely unpopular,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina Action. “Wake voters want county commissioners who will stand up to state lawmakers who are undermining public education. They don’t want commissioners who take their cues from a state legislature which is driving teachers out of the state and out of the profession.” 

Click here for full results of the poll conducted on July 23-24


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