Editorial: Politicians in Raleigh at Fault if Central Elementary Closes

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Central Elementary School is at risk to close due to the decisions made by politicians in Raleigh to siphon money away from traditional public schools. With more and more money going to vouchers and charter schools, plus the lack of investment since the recession, it's no wonder schools are struggling. 

Read the whole editorial from Smoky Mountain News here: 

But here’s a much more telling number, and it is more relevant in terms of the commitment by state leaders to public schools. In 1999-2000, the state’s leaders were committing 41 percent of the general fund to public schools. In 2014-2015, the legislature committed 37.8 percent of the general fund to education. The lesson: the state is committing a lower percentage of its dollars to education.

It’s no secret that government is seen as a necessary evil to many. I just don’t think public schools should be lumped into the equation when the anti-government crowd starts grandstanding, but it seems more and more that those in the GOP want to bash public schools, teachers, administrators and local school board members. Here’s how Rep. Presnell said it: “In the end, it will be the children of Haywood County who suffer from mismanagement,” apparently referring to Haywood school board members and administrators.

We should be talking about how to find more money to invest in public schools, not bashing local leaders who are trying to do more with less. 


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