Politicians Avoid Issues of Rising Flood Rates and Sea Levels

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Republican lawmakers are avoiding yet another problem that has affected North Carolina's environment. Based on scientific evidence, the flood rates and water levels are much higher than predicted. Evidence clearly shows that humans are the reason for this and by changing our actions we can fix these problems. However, state politicians are looking the other way and choosing to bury their heads in the sand.

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The scientists say that the ocean is rising at the fastest rate in 2,800 years. And there are more tidal floods than ever, floods that might seem isolated and minor, producing a little standing ocean water, but that in some coastal towns they kill off lawns and block streets that become covered with water. If this seems like a minor problem so far, scientists say, it will certainly get worse.

The subject caused one of the more embarrassing moments in the North Carolina General Assembly in the last few years. In 2012, the state’s Coastal Resources Commission estimated the sea level would rise by more than 3 feet in the next century. And the U.S. Geological Survey had reported that the sea level along the East Coast between North Carolina and Massachusetts is going at three to four times the worldwide rate.

The solution of North Carolina’s Republican lawmakers and coastal developers? They got a law passed that banned the state from basing policy on scientific predictions about sea level. In other words, the sand here is nice and soft so let’s all stick our heads in it.


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