PayPal cancels NC expansion over Gov. McCrory's discriminatory law

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Yet another example of why Gov. McCrory’s anti-LGBT law is bad for business

Progress NC Action released the following statement Tuesday morning in reaction to news that PayPal has decided to cancel a planned expansion in Charlotte -- costing the state over 400 new jobs -- in response to HB2:

“HB2 was a bad law to begin with, but now it’s costing North Carolina jobs. PayPal certainly won’t be the last big company to leave North Carolina unless this misguided law is repealed,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “More and more businesses are telling Gov. McCrory that discrimination is bad for business, but the governor continues to rely on false statements and fear-mongering as he attempts to defend the indefensible.”

The news of PayPal’s decision comes just a few days after Braeburn Pharmaceuticals announced that it was reevaluating plans for a $25 million expansion in Durham over HB2, and Google Ventures announced that it would no longer invest money in the state. Meanwhile the NBA All-Star Game, the NCAA tournament, and even the ESPN X-Games are reevaluating their own plans to hold events in North Carolina over HB2.


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    A conservative average of the payroll lost for NC citizens is probably about $4 million dollars. Per year. For every day the bigoted Governor holds out, it will likely take months to repair the damage. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to realize this is very bad for NC.
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    Equality, you are a moron. I hav no issues with gay or transgender, but I feel that people should not have other beliefs forced down their throat. The great thing about freedom is that everyone has the freedom to choose and not have another's beliefs forced on you. By the way, transgender is a mental condition. You cannot argue with the biology of the chromosomes.
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