Partisanship and 'ugly' politics threaten two good bills

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Even in times of such partisan government, there are some bills which easily gain support on both sides of the aisle. However, two of those bills, acts toughening sex crime laws, introduced by Sen. Jeff Jackson, are at risk of becoming political fodder due to become amendments to a controversial abortion bill.

This morning, Jackson’s fears were affirmed. The bills have both been added to the House abortion bill that would, among other things, extend the mandatory waiting period for abortions to 72 hours.

Why add two good bills on sex crimes to one bad and unrelated bill on abortion? Because now, when Democrats vote against the abortion bill, they’ll also be voting against tighter rules on sex offenders and statutory rapists. You can imagine the TV ads the next time one of those Democrats faces a Republican election challenge.

Ultimately, Jackson says: “It’s about building an atmosphere of trust instead of building an atmosphere of distrust.”

From the Charlotte Observer

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    The Democrats should stage a walk-out rather than vote on any bill like this.<br /> <br /> Would they rather explain to the press and constituents now about the hostile actions of Republican bullies or try to explain their vote later?
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    Dolores Campbell
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    I will never understand how something unrelated to a bill is allowed to be added. This needs to change.
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    The partisan politics in the GA are ridiculous. Instead of constantly passing bills to discriminate and control women's bodies they should be working on jobs bills. Especially since the unemployment rate went up. I still can't help but wondering where their small government is?
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