NC Educators to Gov. McCrory: 'Our students deserve much more'

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Fixing North Carolina's chronically underfunded public schools continues to be a challenge for politicians who are more interested in helping their wealthy donors. Under Governor McCrory's leadership students and teachers continue to face burdens that harm student achievement. 

News & Record Greensboro:

The status quo of public schools — with large class sizes, outdated textbooks and underpaid teachers — won’t significantly change under any of the budgets proposed by Gov. Pat McCrory, the House or the Senate, some local educators said on Monday.

“Meanwhile, it’s a rainy day for our students in North Carolina,” said Mark Jewell, president-elect of the North Carolina Association of Educators and a Guilford County teacher. “They can’t get a textbook to take home to study or the parents get asked once again to pay for copy paper or even toilet paper for their child’s school.

“Our students deserve much more and our politicians need to hear that.

North Carolina spends about $9,289 per student, which ranks No. 43 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to estimates from the National Education Association.

“We cannot continue to lose educators to other states and other jobs,” said Ronda Mays, a social worker in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and president of the Forsyth County Association of Educators. “If we are going to retain, reclaim and recruit educators in North Carolina, our legislators must address the per pupil spending and the salary of all educators, regardless of their job category or their years of experience.”

While, raising teacher pay has been a core issue of Governor McCrory's budget proposal for education it does little to address education resources, student needs, and improving the pay of other public school workers. 


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