Op-Ed: State Retirees Are Rewarded With Budget Cuts

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While the state Senate budget includes raises for teachers and tax cuts, state retirees were snubbed. The budget does not fully fund the state health plan for retired employees and got rid of the 1.6 percent cost of living adjustment. After years of hard work and service, these retirees are going unrewarded and some have spoken up about the issue.

From the Raleigh News & Observer:

Regarding the June 1 news article “Senate budget has tax cut, teacher raises”: Once again, retired state employees are being shown how much they’re appreciated for their years of service to North Carolina. Our illustrious state senators have eliminated from their budget the 1.6 percent cost of living adjustment for retired state employees, as well as not fully funding the state health plan for retirees.

State retirees gave their time, talent and dedication to our great state, and we deserve better.


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    Kimberly H. Deloatch
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    As a retired state employee I feel that this is a significant breach of the contract under which I worked for nearly 2 decades. I accepted less than ideal working conditions and income below market value for my profession, partly in exchange for the promise of a secure retirement and lastly health benefits. This is wrong. It is unacceptable.. My displeasure will be reflected in the voting booth in November. We deserve better than this and NC can afford to treat its public employees and retirees with more respsect!
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    Patricia Baker
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    My Dad rejected more profitable offers because of this benefit! Don't send away the best and the brightest, who help make this state strong, for the sake of a few pennies!
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    Kitty R. Kelly
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    I served the students of NC for 25 years because it is what I felt called to do with my life. I gave it everything I had and then some. I was told and signed contracts along the way saying I would have health insurance and a retirement plan that would offer a cost of living increase when needed. I need that. I worked hard. I put my own money into retirement as well. I expect the legislature to honor my service AND I will certainly remember this in November.
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    Philip A. Link
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    As others have noted, many of us worked as state employees doing work which would have paid far better in the private sector. Because of health and retirement benefits, we felt we were, at least in part, compensated. Now the mostly Republican legislators want to deny us the less than extravagant full benefits that we have earned, pure and simple. We state retirees are being taken advantage of, and my vote on Election Day will reflect my disgust.
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    Gloria Daniel
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    When I was hired thirty-three years ago, I was promised free health insurance in retirement. The state never kept this promise and to lose the 1.6 percent cost of living adjustment is just another step in denying dedicated retirees the full benefits we deserve and expect. Just as these lawmakers have continued to degrade NC teachers by freezing salaries for years, reducing benefits, and denying pay increases to teachers who hold advanced degrees, their apathy now directs itself at promised retirement benefits, ignoring decades of service and contractual retirement promises. We will remember on Election Day; and we will continue to stand up for what we deserve and were promised.
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    Shirley Galbrecht
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    I have to assume that their word means nothing to these Republican legislators. Many of us worked in under paid jobs for the good of the people of North Carolina. We wanted to serve and make this one of the best states in the nation. We held on to the knowledge that we would at least be treated well in retirement. That is what we had been promised. I will show how much I appreciate this breach of trust in November and I know many will join me in relieving these unfaithful law makers of their positions.
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    David Huneycutt
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    Remember this in November. Vote blue
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    BJ Causey
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    I am beyond disgusted with the NCGA. The Republican Party is determined (and doing a good job of it) to completely destroy public education. I worked for NC (not as a teacher) for 33 years and like others who have commented here was promised that I would be provided health insurance when I retired and would not have to pay for it. This promise has been broken. Retirees haven't been given a COLA for many years. While prices of goods and services have increased, my retirement income has not come close to keeping up with these increases. I sincerely hope that all retirees as well as current State employees remember what this General Assembly has done to us come election day!
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    Mary Freeland
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    Nothing like ticking off the active 85,000 state employees and lets not forget the faithful retirees that were promised compensations at retirement. Lets see they want an increase in their checks for travel etc. There is plenty of money to give active and retirees an increase so where is the money going if not to us? anyone remember the Bailey case? best hammer out this problem! November is coming
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    Roger Reynolds
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    Remember In November!!!
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    Wanda Brooks
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    This is the second or third year we have been taken for granted and I for one forty year state employee will remember this in November and that doesn't mean I will.Vote blue however I will do some looking into who has voted against us and vote appropriately.
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    Shirley Deese
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    I vote during Elections, you will not get my vote. There is no justice here! The system has failed teachers/retirees for years
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