Oops! McCrory Racing To Fix Budget He Just Signed

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NC Policy Watch reports on Governor McCrory's administration ALREADY working to fix major issues with the budget that the Governor just signed. Among the many problems with the budget, the administration is trying to fix the cuts to teacher assistants (the ones they said weren't in the budget) and a major change to future school funding that several top ranking House members didn't even know was in the budget. From their article,

Gov. Pat McCrory’s office is working with local school superintendents to come up with a fix for two hotly contested budget provisions lawmakers just enacted that would stop funding public schools on the basis of enrollment growth and cut funds to teacher assistants, according to a Lee County Schools superintendent and a lobbyist for the N.C. Association of School Administrators (NCASA).

“We have verbal confirmation from the Governor’s staff that they are concerned with the issue of no longer funding local school districts on the basis of enrollment growth as well as problems with trading teacher positions to fund TAs, and they are asking for budget technical corrections to present to the General Assembly that would fix these issues,” said Katherine Joyce, a lobbyist for NCASA.

Gov. McCrory signed a 260-page budget bill last week that contains a provision that would stop automatically paying for enrollment growth at public schools. The budget also spends $105 million less than what was previously budgeted for teacher assistants, even though McCrory has repeatedly said he was proud to sign a budget that preserves all TA positions.

The two budget provisions force local school districts to plan their budgets in the spring without knowing whether or not the state will pay for increased numbers of students in their schools, making it difficult for principals and superintendents to figure out if they will have the means necessary to hire the teachers and other school personnel they actually need. In addition, the budget cuts teacher assistant funds for local school districts by 22 percent.

Do these guys ever read the bills they pass?


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    John Hines
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    This Governor is a hack and a blunt tool. Put him on trial for sedition and dereliction of his duty to the people of North Carolina.
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    Sharon Arnold
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    He is an idiot - he should move in with his twin brother, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas! I cannot seem to own property in a state that isn't mismanaged by incompetent politicians!
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    You liberals are just infuriated that we have a conservative governor that is actually trying to solve the major problems our state faces instead of the democrat direction of kicking the can down the road and letting our children and grandchildren face the music!
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    Flash, actually the article points out that the governor signed a bill without reading it. That's infuriating. He has a substantial salary and free living accommodations in exchange for doing the job he was elected to do. Sadly, he keeps signing legislation that he doesn't read. One might say, it really is the most important part of his job…this part that he just refuses to do. The article doesn't say anything about him "solving major problems", or about Democrats attempting to "kick the can down the road" or having any future generations "face the music." Perhaps you should read the article before speaking on a subject that you are simply not informed. I just pray that the next governor takes his job seriously, as this one does not.
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    Why is it Democrats fault when republicans make mistakes? <br /> Neither party is perfect. ..each will own their mistakes. ..as for kicking the can down the road I wonder how safe our rivers and air will be...oh....almost forgot those people living near those gas deposits that fracking is to release might wanna buy some earthquake insurance for "down the road" damages to their homes.
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    We have to sign the bill to see what's in it. Hypocrisy much, progs?
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    Does he know how to read?
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    Talk about kicking the can down the road! What about global climate change?
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    I taught in N.C. many years ago and had to get out. Back then the educational system was going backwards and as I read this article it still is. Education was never a top priority!
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    paul Kelley
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    Did Obama read the affordable Care Act? Worst piece of legislation this century. Love the short memory of the LIBS, must be what they are smoking.
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    Winston Hefner
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    This is what the people of North Carolina elected to run this state, i can tell you right now i didn't vote for this numb skull and wont vote for him in the future. North Carolina got what they ask for...
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    Paul kelly... Hun stay on topic, it's sad when someone yells "but this other guy did this and this". How about we worrie about fixing this issue.<br /> <br /> on't how you vote
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    FLASH: I'm sorry to inform you on this but dems and Repugs are both upset over this. He is not doing the job he was hired to do and this mistake can harm many people. I don't care if he is conservative or liberal (he messed up big time)
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    I think it is time to reassess our position on education. We were a world leader at one time, now we have fallen behind. We needed education leaders, that know what this country is all about. We get this through teachers teaching.<br /> As for the parties, I have both Democratic and Republican friends and family. It is amazing how we agree on several subjects but the discussion is on how. But we all agree moderates in both parties need to take more action and we need to support them.
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