On Donald Trump’s birthday, will Gov. McCrory join Trump in Greensboro?

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While other Republicans race to distance themselves from their nominee’s racist and hate-mongering comments, does Gov. McCrory still support Trump and his views?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be in Greensboro Tuesday evening, which begs the question: Will Gov. McCrory join his chosen presidential candidate on stage? Does McCrory still support Trump after Trump’s attacks on a federal judge for his Mexican heritage and comments after the Orlando tragedy?

Gov. McCrory has twice pledged to support Trump as the Republican nominee, and since both candidates face tough elections this fall it’s only natural that McCrory would campaign with Trump when the GOP nominee comes to North Carolina… right?

“Donald Trump can’t go a single day without peddling some new conspiracy theory or insulting an ethnic group,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “Does Pat McCrory support Trump’s verbal attacks on a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage? Does McCrory agree with Trump’s claims the President is not a loyal American? Does McCrory still support the Trump presidential campaign? Where will McCrory be while Trump is in Greensboro?”

Remember, this is a nominee who:

  • Referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers during his campaign announcement
  • Accused a federal judge of being biased solely because of his Mexican heritage, which the Republican Speaker of the House noted is “the definition of a racist comment”
  • Insinuated that President Obama was involved in the Orlando nightclub shooting
  • Has repeatedly encouraged his supporters to attack protesters, saying he would pay his supporters’ legal fees
  • Commented on the size of his hands and referenced his private parts during a presidential debate
  • Said of his daughter, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
  • Mocked the physical appearance of a disabled reporter
  • Has repeatedly demeaned and sexualized women based on their physical appearances


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