North Carolinians Overwhelmingly Agree: No "Carolina Comeback"

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McCrory's campaign focuses on the "Carolina Comeback," however new polling shows that only a small minority of North Carolinians are feeling a comeback. Only 25% of voters claim that North Carolina's economy is stronger than it was four years ago when McCrory took office. While there might have been a comeback for big corporations and the wealthy, average NCians aren't feeling it. 

From WRAL:

In fact, there are some good economic indicators for the governor to point to. The state's budget has a surplus, and the state's unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent in August, the lowest it has been in a decade.

McCrory has sought to capitalize on that good economic news in campaign commercials that tout "results, not politics" and a "Carolina Comeback." But despite broader economic indicators, those ads may land with a thud on voters who are not seeing that recovery reflected in their lives or the lives of their neighbors.

McCrory's campaign declined to comment, saying they don't respond to "media polls."

The WRAL News poll shows Cooper running 4 percentage points ahead of McCrory, and Cooper's campaign said the economy is one reason why.

"Governor McCrory likes to brag about a 'Carolina Comeback,' but the reality is that hard-working families aren't feeling it," said Cooper campaign spokesman Ford Porter. "While the national economy has improved, North Carolina families are still worried about falling behind. These families are ready for a governor who will fight for them and focus on good jobs and schools."


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