North Carolina teacher turnover rate continues to increase

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For years, politicians have failed to give veteran educators a meaningful raise. Now we're seeing the impact of that failure as new state data shows that the turnover rate increased in 2014-2015, and more teachers are leaving this state to teach elsewhere during this academic year. 

From The Washington Post, 

A new draft report prepared for the General Assembly by the North Carolina Department of Education says the attrition rate in the last school year hit 14.84 percent, up from the 14.12 percent in 2013-2014.  It has risen four times in the past five years.

The reasons teachers have left their classrooms are grouped into five broad categories, according to the report:

  1. Teachers who left the LEA [local education agency] but remained in education
  2. Teachers who left the LEA for personal reasons
  3. Teachers who were terminated by the LEA
  4. Teachers who left the LEA for reasons beyond the LEA’s control
  5. Teachers who left the LEA for other reasons not listed above

As Education Week noted in this story, the biggest turnover problem seems to be in the category of teacher dissatisfaction with their jobs. It says:

North Carolina lost about 2,700 teachers last year due to causes that suggest personal dissatisfaction with the state’s public schools, whether through outright exit from the profession, poaching by other states, or early retirement. That compares to about 2,245 teachers leaving for such reasons the year before, a 21 percent increase. North Carolina employed about 96,000 teachers during the 2014-2015 school year.


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    The answer is in the voting booth......until enough NC citizens are dissatisfied with the direction taken by this legislature and governor.
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