While at a Donald Trump Rally, McCrory Joked About HB2. Seriously.

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As the Republican National Convention came to a close, Donald Trump returned to campaigning this week, coming to NC Monday night for a rally. This time our own Governor McCrory joined him and decided to joke about HB2, the disaster that forced the NBA to pull the All Star Game from Charlotte. 

Our Governor really is clueless. 

Washington Post:

Ahead of Trump's rally here on Monday night, several of North Carolina's highest-ranking Republicans took turns firing up the crowd of several thousand — something that has never happened and signaled that the campaign seems to have finally pivoted from fighting for the nomination to focusing on the general election. These politicians joined three of Trump's African American surrogates — a televangelist and two sisters with a popular YouTube channel — who frequently and frankly tackle issues of race at rallies and vouch for Trump's not being a racist, in their eyes.

Sen. Richard Burr — who last month criticized Trump's comments about the heritage of a judge assigned to one of his civil court cases, saying it fit the definition of racism — said the country needs a Trump administration. Rep. Mark Meadows prompted the crowd to chant "Lock her up," the latest anti-Hillary Clinton refrain that caught on at the Republican National Convention last week.

As North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) was introduced, an announcer for the campaign praised him for boosting the state's economy, even though later in the night, Trump would say that he has three pages of statistics showing that the state is not doing well economically and would benefit from his proposed trade policies and job-creation promises. McCrory took the stage and immediately started acting like a flight attendant.

"All right, let's be safe now. We've got a big crowd, so if you need to leave suddenly, we've got exits this way, exits this way and exits this way," McCrory said, motioning straight ahead, to his right and to his left. "And if any of you need to use the restrooms...."

McCrory paused as the crowd of several thousand laughed and cheered his reference to legislation passed earlier this year that requires individuals to use the restroom that matches the gender they were born with, not the one they identify with. In April, Trump criticized the North Carolina Republicans for passing the controversial legislation, which prompted many large corporations to stop investing in the state. Trump said the state should have left things as they were and that transgender individuals are free to use whichever restroom they want at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

The most disappointing remarks came from our own Governor, as he joked about the incendiary reactions to HB2, a law of his own making, a law that is discriminatory, and a law that is costing our state hundreds of millions of dollars. 


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    Dolores Campbell
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    Our governor is clueless.
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    Wish I could joke about losing 100 million dollars. I'm not so privileged. I have noticed I'm not getting as many travelers or out of state customers. People see us as hicks and bigot's. Makes me ashamed to have voted for him. The only reason I did was because Perdue cut education funding. Charlotte schools seemed to be doing better. Boy was I a fool, definitely voting Cooper this time around.
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    I blame Jennifer Roberts and her crew for bringing a non-issue to the forefront which should have been left alone! For years transgenders have been using the bathroom of their choice with no issue. However now, even if transgender use the bathroom of their choice there will still be the handful of perverts who will use this to cause harm to young women.<br /> <br /> I believe McCrory felt he was doing the right thing by supporting HB2, but he should have walked away too. I don't believe they thought of all the ramifications which can come from this.<br /> <br /> Look for Jennifer Roberts to run for governor....it is coming. I wouldn't vote for her if she was unopposed....I would write in a candidate.
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    RW are imbeciles, but Southern RW are truly idiots!
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