North Carolina Gets a Failing Grade on Women's Health

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A new report from Action NC gives North Carolina a D- when it comes to health coverage for women. The report gave states grades for three areas of women's health; health coverage for women, women's health outcomes, and women's access to healthcare. North Carolina received a C or worse in reach of the three areas and ranked in the bottom half of all states. From the Action NC release about their report,

North Carolina is ranked #40 in the country and received a final grade of D- for health coverage for women in the 2014 Women’s Health Report Card released today by Action NC.

The report card provides an important measure of the state’s record on women’s health as politicians court women voters ahead of the November elections and continue to debate whether North Carolina will accept federal funds to cover more uninsured adults under Medicaid. 

Currently, there are more than 200,000 uninsured women in North Carolina who could get health care coverage if politicians agreed to take up federal funding for Medicaid expansion.

The 2014 Women’s Health Report Card for North Carolina is available by clicking here.

North Carolina’s final rank and grade were based on rankings and grades in three areas: health coverage for women, women’s access to health care, and women’s health outcomes. On coverage, North Carolina ranked #40 in the country, a grade of D-. On access to health care, North Carolina  ranked #26, a grade of C. And on health outcomes, North Carolina ranked #28, a grade of C-.

Looking at women’s health by race, the report card finds North Carolina is doing an even worse job meeting the needs of women of color, who are uninsured at higher rates and also face worse health outcomes than women overall, adding urgency to the debate over Medicaid expansion.

You can view the full report here.


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