Editorial: No More Excuses For Not Expanding Medicaid

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McCrory has no more excuses not to expand Medicaid after recent changes that fixed all previous issues that he once used as reasons to not. Now under budget by over $180 Million, Medicaid expansion is necessary in North Carolina to help save lives, hospitals, and create more jobs. The consequences of continuing without the expansion are too great to ignore and the benefits are obvious. 

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But the system isn't broken anymore. It's under control. As of the end of December, the governor announced in a press release last month, Medicaid was $181 million under budget. Yes, under budget by the same kind of numbers that it once exceeded its budget.

It wasn't a fluke. That's how the numbers have been running for two years now. And our repaired Medicaid system is getting even more attention, being revamped from a program that pays medical costs for the sick to one that pays to keep people healthy. There's good reason to expect even more savings.

It's time to do that here. Medicaid expansion will save lives and improve many more. It will save endangered hospitals from shutting down. And it will create thousands of new jobs in the health care industry.


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    carrie casteen
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    i need medicaid really bad
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    Jo Ann Beal
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    Expand Medicaid, we will loose our tax money paid by NC citizens to other states that have signed up, if we don't. This is strictly political not to, NC can not continue to go backwards!
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