News and Observer Editorial: Voucher Supporters Motivated By Politics Not Students

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The News and Observer is out with an editorial criticizing the "legal end-run" around court rulings that advocates for private school vouchers are attempting in order to release $10 million in voucher funds. From their editorial,

Questions about the chances of a sound education abound.

Voucher advocates want to simply move around Hobgood. They went first to an appeals court hoping to get his ruling upended to allow the disbursement of voucher money already approved for nearly 1,900 children. Now they are pushing ahead and asking the N.C. Supreme Court to take up the issue of releasing the money. That is outside the normal appeals process and motivated solely by politics.

Voucher advocates – including House Speaker Thom Tillis and Phil Berger, president pro tem of the GOP-run Senate – say that to call a halt to the distribution now would throw the lives of those 1,900 children into chaos.

Perhaps that should have been a consideration earlier this year when Hobgood first issued a preliminary injunction against vouchers when the N.C. Association of Educators, the N.C. School Boards Association and the N.C. Justice Center challenged the constitutionality of the program. Voucher proponents appealed the order, and in May the state Supreme Court overturned the injunction, allowing the school voucher program to move forward.

Republicans could have avoided this current crisis if they’d simply waited for judicial review in the normal, orderly process.

The very reasons proponents use to justify the need for vouchers are suspect. Lawmakers promote vouchers as a way to help low-income students escape schools that ill-serve them even as Republicans slash money that school systems use to pay for teacher assistants, pre-K programs and after-school mentoring programs that help low-income students.

Just what are Republicans and other voucher proponents up to with this attempt to do an end run around the courts? For one thing, if they can break some of the initial voucher money free, they know it will be as difficult to get it back as it is to get toothpaste back into a tube. And once the money is out, the program can only expand from there.


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    Private schools, Charter schools, home schooling and vouchers are a continuing indictment against an ossified school system that is unwilling or unable to make student achievement its highest priority. Parents are voting with their feet against the social engineering experiments that have taken priority over quality education in our school system. The N&O is out of touch with parents.
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