New Study Shows NC Ranked 41st Nationally in Economic Recovery

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Although both the national and state economies have strengthened considerably over the last five years, North Carolina lags behind when compared to other states' growth, a new study shows. The analysis, from the Corporation for Enterprise Development in DC, also found that North Carolina was doing worse when it came to general economic wellbeing indicators. In 2013, when compared to national averages, North Carolina had;

  • A higher rate of households below the poverty line (16.3% in NC & 14.7% nationally)
  • A lower average annual pay ($47,811 in NC & $49,808 nationally)
  • A higher percent of jobs considered to be 'low-wage' (31.5% in NC & 25% nationally)
  • A higher rate of the non-elderly population without health insurance (18.1% in NC & 16.7% nationally)
  • A lower percent of adults with a high school education or GED (85.7% in NC & 86.6% nationally)
  • A lower rate of 3- or 4-year-olds enrolled in early childhood education (21.4% in NC & 27.4% nationally)

According to the Charlotte Observer article, North Carolina

ranks 41st in terms of overall outcomes of its residents, according to an analysis published Thursday from the Corporation for Enterprise Development, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit. The report evaluated states on 67 criteria related to finances, employment, housing, health care and education.

The report underscores how the disproportionate growth of low-wage jobs, as well as lower education attainment and health care coverage, means many North Carolinians are still on a shakier economic footing than the rest of the country.

“When North Carolina families struggle every month to make ends meet, they have little ability to save and build a more financially secure future,” said Donna Gallagher, steering committee member of the North Carolina Assets Alliance and executive director of a nonprofit called The Collaborative. 


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    That's not fairing very well... In fact, that's weak... Out of 51... That's pitiful.
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    Its time N.C. Got a government that passed laws that represented its people and took responsible care of its chidren. Forward Together February 14th in Raeigh. Not one Step Back. Beth
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