New Statewide Campaign Questions Pat McCrory’s Record on Ethics

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record on ethics. Pat McCrory claims he “never” had “a hint of corruption or conflicts of interest” [News & Observer, 3/21/12], but new information about McCrory’s relationship with exposes the truth.
A TV ad produced by NC Citizens for Progress and funded by the Democratic Governors Association began airing this morning across the state. The size of the TV buy is comparable with the buy recently placed by the Republican Governors Association. In addition, NC Citizens for Progress sponsors the website:

Progress NC Action will tour the state, highlighting Pat McCrory’s questionable record on ethics.

“We believe Pat McCrory has made a career out of blurring the ethical lines between private business relationships and public office, so it’s ludicrous that he’s now casting himself as a champion of clean government,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action, a group allied with the DGA and NC Citizens for Progress in educating the public.

“McCrory’s cozy relationship with while he was Mayor of Charlotte is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to McCrory’s history of questionable ethics, and North Carolina voters deserve to know the facts.”

The evidence shows paid Pat McCrory over $140,000 dollars to sit on its board while he was Mayor of Charlotte. Prosecutors in other states charged several of’s subsidiaries and affiliates with misleading and deceiving home mortgage customers. They ended up paying millions to settle these cases. [See supporting documentation at]

Additionally, Pat McCrory used his position as Mayor to lobby state government officials for tax breaks and incentives for


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