New Sales Tax Already Causing Issues For North Carolinians

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The new sales expansion to tax services such as repairs and maintenance has already caused many problems for North Carolinians. The tax has left many businesses and customers confused on when and where their service is taxable. There needs to be more clarity or alterations for this law to stay. It is bad enough to hike sales tax, we should at least understand its application, but again only the General Assembly can fix this problem. 

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The recent expansion of the state sales tax base to repair, maintenance and installation services is creating an uneven playing field among some taxpayers, as similar transactions are treated differently depending on who provides the service.

Committee members said the General Assembly should fix the problems. “Clearly, Cindy has pointed out many examples of an uneven playing field, and I think it’s incumbent on us to deal with those issues,” said Sen. David Curtis, a Lincoln County Republican.

Avrette offered suggestions on how the General Assembly could address the problems. Legislation could eliminate different classifications of retailers, so everyone who performs certain services is treated the same from a tax standpoint.


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