New NC budget cuts set back mental health

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The latest action from North Carolina's legislators is a budget cut of $110 million from North Carolina's eight mental health centers. As a result, those who can afford private care will have access to new treatments whereas those who rely on state-assisted care will be denied those same treatments. 

From The News & Observer, 

And, of course, mental health agencies fear more cuts in the future.

That’s all the Republicans seem to think about when it comes to the future. They’ve slashed and burned worthy programs in the budget in the name of handing out tax breaks that, as it turns out, don’t amount to all that much and are compensated for with tax increases on things like car repairs and other services.

And what about the consequences of that lost tax revenue down the road? Republicans are budgeting only with the present political benefit in mind. If another recession hits, they’ll let future legislatures worry about the shortfalls that will hit all areas of the budget.

The hard-right Senate, which has demonstrated no regard for North Carolinians in poverty or close to it, was the originator of these cuts, of course. The House ultimately caved in during negotiations.

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    North Carolina's mentally ill have suffered enough. Republicans who cut programs like mental health and schools are taking the state for a our expense. I'm organizing to take the state back from republicans.
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