New District Map is Not Any Better than the Old One

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Lawmakers quickly changed the old district map when it was ruled as illegal and unequal, however the new one may not be that much better. As in the past, whichever party holds the power draws out a map that benefits themselves. It's time for non-partisan redistricting reform. 

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The Feb. 5 federal court decision struck down the districts drawn by Republican legislators in 2011 for being illegally gerrymandered by race. The three-judge panel noted that more voting-age blacks were grouped into the 1st and 12th Districts during the 2011 redistricting, thereby diluting their numbers in other districts to make them more favorable to Republican candidates

The redrawing of the districts did not take race into consideration, its main focus instead was maintaining the GOP’s 10-3 advantage in the state’s congressional district, said N.C. Rep. David Lewis, the chief redistricting leader in the N.C. House.

But until an independent panel finally is established to draw legislative districts – which is unlikely – the party in power will continue to draw district lines to maximize its own political advantage.


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    The next step in the process seems to indicate a state referendum which would mandate a non-partisan Independent Commission to redraw these districts. If Mr. Lewis can say with a straight face that the GOP preferred 10-3 outcome was the guideline for redrawing the districts then we have a fundamental conflict between the interests of the politicians and the will of the people. To predetermine the outcome of a vote is to deny the inherent value of that vote.
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