New Budget Plan Cuts into UNC Funding

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The budget passed by the General Assembly would cut into the funding for the UNC System once again. The budget calls for an $18 million drop in funding for the university system this year, and would also eliminate public funding of UNC Chapel Hill's Hunt institute. 

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The state budget plan would force UNC campuses to cut $18 million this year...

One UNC program had its state funding eliminated altogether. The plan would cut $737,230 in funding to UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hunt Institute, which provides policy makers with data on public education. It is named for former Gov. Jim Hunt, a Democrat.

The UNC Board of Governors had already acted to set UNC tuition. 


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    Eleanor Snead
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    This must change! This entire budget is aimed at destroying public education in NC. I wonder where these legislators were educated, and just who were those teachers who inspired them to excel. Were they born with silver spoons and simply rose to fame and power without ever gaining anything through the devotion and interest from any public school teachers? I am a career high school teacher retired with almost 40 years of service and an additional 10 years volunteering, mentoring, and consulting in public schools and state administration in NC. I cannot in good conscience encourage anybody to remain in NC to teach at the current time. It breaks my heart to say that my own daughter, with a PhD from NC State and currently teaching in the UNC system, struggles to pay her bills -- and she lives very conservatively. These cuts will dig $5000 further into her already strained budget. It took decades to develop what the current legislature is destroying as they merrily shake their fists at the Democratic party. PLEASE, people, don't cheat our children and grandchildren and run away all of our outstanding and devoted teachers just because there are enough of you enjoying a power high to make it happen. You are NOT making positive change, and you are not promoting a brighter future for NC. All who can will bite the bullet and leave, and few if any will come in to replace them. You have a comitted cadre of educators who can and will get the job done -- but they cannot do it without your support and respect. Cutting successful programs helps nobody. It deprives students, undermines and demeans educators, and is ultimately going to further damage the entire economy of NC. Some of us don't enjoy your wealth and power, but NC is our home. We have devoted our lives here. What a shame we no longer feel that we and our extended families matter and our life's work is the pawn in a political fiasco. I sincerely hope voters will show up in mass and express their dissatisfaction.
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