New budget gives tax breaks to wealthy, leaves schools hanging

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The N.C. Senate recently voted mostly along party lines to push through a new $21.74 billion budget. The budget lacks pay incentives for educators needed to keep good teachers in the state, while giving tax breaks to the NC's wealthiest residents and corporations. 

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A $21.74 billion budget compromise the N.C. Senate voted along party lines to support this week appears headed for final budget approval on Friday. Taxpayers might breathe a sigh of relief if the budget reflected a return on the hundreds of thousands in overtime pay for lawmakers. 

The Republicans who crafted the budget say it includes more funding for education, more tax cuts and more money put into the state’s savings account. Some of those points turn the other direction, however, when Democrats describe the budget proposal.

Those among the minority party say the budget contains more of the same tax cuts for the state’s wealthiest residents and large corporations while failing to provide enough pay incentives to retain good teachers.


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