NC's Teacher Exodus Continues: Leaving For Texas

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At a job fair held by Houston Independent School District in Raleigh in May, several North Carolina teachers made the choice to move to Texas, for a significant raise. ABC 11 has the story of more North Carolina teachers leaving the state for better pay in Houston, Texas:

The school system in Houston, Texas poached a number of teachers at a job fair in May, including Northern Nash High School math teacher Jamie Kendall.

After years of teaching in North Carolina schools, living on a $30,000 salary, and struggling to make ends meet, she's moving on.

"People go, why would you move to Texas?" said Kendall. "I have 17,000 reasons plus many more to go."

Her frustration led her to the job fair hosted by the Houston Independent Schools District.

Kendall was offered a contract and promised a starting salary of $47,000.

"It's not just about the money. It's about the opportunity. I'll actually be able to go back and get my master's. And from what I see with their no excuses policy, they respect teachers and value education," said Kendall.

"Houston just won out because I don't want to work two jobs anymore. I want to focus on my classroom," said Kwezi.

It's time for the General Assembly to stop playing political games and give teachers the pay and respect they deserve. Visit to sign up to stand with teachers and help defend public education.


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    Best friend just we moved to Texas - with her Masters degree and bilingual skills it is NC loss
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