NC's Image and Economy At Risk With HB2

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George Scangos, CEO of Biogen, spoke of House Bill 2's consequences not only to North Carolina business but also how it hinders diversity in NC. With 1,300 employees at Biogen in Research Triangle Park, it is one of the largest biotech companies in NC and Mr. Scangos attributes that success to the diversity of those employees.

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Never did we imagine anything like House Bill 2, a hastily enacted, far-reaching law that excludes LGBT people from anti-discrimination protections. As one of the state’s leading life sciences employers, we find this law patently unacceptable.

Eliminating an entire community’s protections is not only discriminatory, it is bad for business. These protections are intended to preserve dignity and offer a fair chance for individuals to contribute to their fullest. HB2 will adversely affect the ability of North Carolina businesses to build an environment and culture needed to attract, retain and grow the best talent. Cutting-edge science thrives where the power of diversity is advanced, not when it is weakened. Individuals cannot reach their full potential when they have to spend time focusing on whether they are at risk for their beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

North Carolina should focus on fostering a culture where individuals of all backgrounds can succeed. Inclusive companies that remove barriers such as discrimination and prejudice are in the best position to compete and win the race for talent – and they will seek working environments that make this possible.

Inclusion is important to us, not just because it is fair, but because we know that diversity is key to creating the conditions for breakthrough innovation, better quality decision-making and complex problem-solving – all vital elements to succeed in the biotechnology industry.

Merit and excellence have been hallmarks of our company. We cannot have full merit or excellence where the conditions for success are limited by unfounded fears, ignorance and intolerance.

HB2 sets all of us back, and it is shocking how quickly this bill was signed into law with sparse opportunity for comment from all stakeholders. This law has the potential to impact all North Carolina residents by limiting basic human rights, and as businesses from outside the state consider future expansion, this regressive policy will certainly be a consideration.



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    As a Canadian watching from the outside it saddens me to a state moving backwards . This new law is not good for business, the people of the state , the reputation of the state , Tourism , etc ........ I and 5 friends have already canceled our 2 week vacation to NC and instead are now going to Mexico . Shame on the Governor !
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