NC Teacher Assistants Rally to Save Their Jobs as Schools Start

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In a series of rallies across the state, educators called on lawmakers to pass a budget that fully funds public education and to do it now. The delays are causing havoc in our schools and creates stress for students and educators.

From WSPA's coverage of one of the rallies,

Teaching assistants in North Carolina still do not know if they will have a job as the state’s budget has yet to be passed.

“Our jobs are important. I’m important,” said Erica Johnson, a teacher assistant in the Alamance-Burlington School System. “I make a difference.”

And June Atkinson, the State Schools Superintendent, said, “We need to pray a lot because it really is difficult to determine which way the General Assembly will go.”

On Wednesday, the North Carolina General Assembly approved a continuing resolution that takes the temporary budget through Aug. 31.

North Carolina’s teaching assistants’ future depends on how the budget negotiations go. The Senate’s proposed budget cuts teacher assistants but the House budget does not.


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