NC Superintendent Seeking 10 Percent Salary Raise For Teachers

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State Superintendent June Atkinson hopes to convince the politicians in Raleigh to increase the pay for teachers as well as create an incentive-based compensation system that will help keep our best and brightest teachers.

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"I believe that North Carolina needs to be bold. And we are grateful that our economy is becoming better, that the General Assembly has more money with which to deal, perhaps," Atkinson said.

Increasing teacher salaries by that figure would cost about $580 million. Following her presentation, some lawmakers expressed concern about the overall cost, while others asked about the practicality of implementing changes to the compensation system.

In an interview, Atkinson called on a layered approached to better compensation. In addition to across the board pay increases, Atkinson recommends more money for teachers in leadership roles, paying teachers to go to low performing schools, and bonus pay.


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    10% across the board should be the the bare minimum consideration! NC teachers deserve to be paid their worth! We are invaluable!
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