NC Sen. Bill Rabon Commits Hit-and-Run, Eyewitnesses Say

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Rabon admits to drinking before the incident, claims he did not realize he crashed into park car

WILMINGTON - North Carolina Senator Bill Rabon has admitted to having a few drinks before eyewitnesses say he crashed his truck into a parked car Sunday night. The sound of the impact was so loud that employees of a nearby restaurant came out to investigate, yet Rabon claims he did not realize he struck the vehicle. 
A film crew shooting a movie downtown saw Rabon smash his car into another before taking off. The manager of an adjacent restaurant heard the noise and went outside to check on the situation, in time to see Rabon's vehicle "almost peeling out.." and leaving the scene. Rabon left despite another witness trying to stand in front of the truck to prevent Rabon from leaving. When reached for comment, Rabon said he was unaware he hit a car, despite causing $200 in damage and a bystander asking him if he was alright following the impact and giving the witness his assurance that he would handle the situation before leaving. Rabon also said he had a few drinks after Sunday afternoon's film industry rally, but claims he was not intoxicated when he got behind the wheel.

Wilmington police confirmed they are searching for a truck registered to Sen. Rabon.


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