NC lawmakers flee from responsibilities, leaving HB2 as their legacy

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Now that politicians in Raleigh have left town, the damage they did is become clear. Most troubling, politicians did nothing to address HB2, despite the negative consequences we continue to see everyday. 

The Virginian-Pilot: 

The recently concluded session of the N.C. General Assembly eradicated any hope that Republican leaders care more about the state’s economic health than demonizing Tar Heels and campaigning for office.

Lawmakers’ unwillingness to even consider substantial changes to House Bill 2 — the so-called “bathroom bill” — means the continued erosion of jobs, revenue and reputation.

HB2 is an expensive embarrassment for all North Carolinians and a hobble on its economy, it’s a calamity for an out-of-step GOP.

The bathroom bill has cost the state hundreds of jobs, as businesses such as Paypal and Deutsche Bank have nixed plans to invest. Charlotte and Raleigh have lost millions in conventions. High profile performers, including Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam, have cancelled shows. The NBA is considering moving its All-Star Game from Charlotte.

Despite all of it — the economic losses, the devastating hit to the state’s reputation and the likelihood of a defeat in court — precious little was done during the legislative session to change course. Lawmakers made one correction and adjourned, leaving the balance of the bill untouched.


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    Too bad it was left as it was, less progress for people of NC
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