National teacher shortage could draw away NC's finest

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North Carolina's teachers remain among the nation's lowest paid, especially with only a $750 bonus from the General Assembly. With states across the country aggressively recruiting, we'll continue losing our best and brightest teachers to other states unless we start paying educators a competitive wage. 

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    Karen Spencer
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    It's time for our legislative representatives to face reality and deal with state issues intelligently rather than trying to protect their own selfish interests and self-righteous attitudes. No one benefits when we fail to provide the best possible support for education in North Carolina. Once known as a state that valued education, NC is now losing teachers to other states that show their support through higher salaries. Having taught for years, I know how hard teachers work. Unless you've been on the front lines of educating our citizens you cannot imagine how hard teachers work. It's time to provide the best possible education for the citizens of North Carolina. This begins with providing the financial support to attract, train and keep the best educators available. Get smart, NC.
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    Hessy Bateman
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    I am a veteran teacher. I have taught for nearly 10 years. I have a masters degree, and I am working on my PhD. This is the state I was born in and began teaching in, but you will cut my pay to increase beginning teacher pay then require I train them. This is ludicrous and I will not stand by allowing this educational travesty. You are scoffing at those with education and asking those with less education and experience to be the people that teacher your children. This you believe to be an efficient method of creating a better, brighter, more competitive society? We need a revolution in education. We are not a "profession", we are not a "business", but we are impassioned intellectuals that inspire ingenuity and creativity. I do not require top pay, but why would I work for a place that ties my hands and cuts my own opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of my students. I can not, in good conscience, sit back and allow such to happen. I will be one of the teachers that move on, but I will not move on as you would imagine. I will move onward to be a speaker of this educational revolution, for our education system is broken, it does not have to be so though we all know that it is. Stand up and speak out now. Action must be taken by parents, children, teachers, and the whole of society.
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