Nathan Ramsey’s missing donation from Duke Energy

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State lawmaker failed to disclose $1,000 contribution from oil and gas industry giant, voted for “sweetheart” deal on Duke’s coal ash spill

ASHEVILLE -- State Rep. Nathan Ramsey (R-Buncombe) failed to disclose a $1,000 donation from Duke Energy in his campaign finance reports, raising questions about the oil and gas industry giant’s political influence on a lawmaker who voted for a coal ash “cleanup” bill which allows Duke to leave the toxic ash in 10 of its 14 unlined pits across the state. 

Campaign finance reports from Duke Energy list a $1,000 donation to Ramsey’s reelection campaign on October 18, 2013. However, Ramsey’s own reports from the same period do not list the donation. Candidates are required by law to disclose all political contributions, and the filing deadline for that time period has long since passed. 

“Nathan Ramsey voted for a ‘coal ash cleanup’ law that doesn’t actually clean up most of the state’s toxic coal ash lagoons,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress North Carolina Action. “What an incredibly convenient mistake to forget to report the most politically toxic campaign contribution of the year, when you have voted to water down clean water regulations and allow ratepayers to pay for Duke’s toxic mess.” 


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