More Taxes Thanks to McCrory and Politicians in Raleigh

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If taxes weren't enough already, an expansion of sales taxes passed by the General Assembly took effect this week. The new taxes will be on services such as repairs and installations. These new taxes, forcing consumers to dish out more money on already costly purchases, are hurting not only the customers but also businesses. 

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Starting Tuesday, the sales taxes will be charged on labor for a number of services by retailers ranging from installing cabinets and flooring to repairing jewelry and shoes. Previously, such businesses generally charged tax on parts but not on labor.

"There are only so many dollars in a consumer's pocketbook today, and the economy is still weak. People are still counting pennies and dollars, so the shops are very concerned about it," he said.

The additional sales taxes are nothing more than a veiled lower-to-middle income tax increase," state Sen. Dan Blue of Wake County, the Senate's Democratic leader, said in a news release. "Car and home repairs are stressful and much more costly to lower income families that pay a higher percentage of their income toward these expenses."


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    This is going to fuel an already robust underground economy in installation and/or repairs.
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