Judge Mike Morgan the Best Choice for NC Supreme Court

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In the race for North Carolina's Supreme Court, Judge Mike Morgan has picked up another endorsement in his race against incumbent Justice Bob Edmunds. Edmunds was the judge who approved racially gerrymandered congressional and legislative districts there were eventually thrown out by federal courts. He again sided with the far-right politicians in Raleigh when he signed off on a plan to divert public school funding to private schools. 

The News and Observer is right. It's time for a change on the Supreme Court. 

From The News and Observer:

Whatever Edmunds’ virtues as a jurist on other matters, he has failed to properly defend the law in two areas that matter most. In one, he allowed the election of state legislators and members of Congress to be undermined by race-based politics. In another, he has supported the erosion of funding for public education, the crucial element of the state’s economy and a key to the well-being of the state’s less than affluent children.

These are two failures too many. It’s essential the state Supreme Court apply the law as an independent check on the legislature. Instead the court’s Republican majority has been an enabler of the legislature’s overreach.

That record makes this Supreme Court election more significant than most. The result will determine the ideological balance of the court and whether the court will test the legislature’s right-wing adventures or encourage them.

That is why we support the election of Wake County Superior Judge Michael Morgan to the state Supreme Court. He has served on the bench for 26 years and has shown a keen awareness of how the lofty debates about the law affect ordinary people. Morgan understands that in the American system the law should empower the weak and protect the vulnerable from the powerful.

Judge Michael Morgan has the kind of legal temperament the high court always needs, but especially needs now. We urge you to vote for a Supreme Court that sees its mission as a judicial body above politics. We urge you to vote for Judge Michael Morgan.


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