McCrory’s Calls for a Clean Campaign Ring Hollow

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RALEIGH — Yesterday at a press conference in Raleigh, Pat McCrory called for a “clean campaign” and condemned a TV ad sponsored by the independent group NC Citizens for Progress. Yet, in a moment of sheer hypocrisy, McCrory refused to denounce a negative ad sponsored by the Republican Governors Association.

McCrory also refused to fire his television ad consultant, Fred Davis, whose controversial negative ad plan to tie President Obama to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was condemned by Mitt Romney and the national Republican Party.

“Pat McCrory clearly has no problem with negative ads, except the ones aimed at his shaky ethical record,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress NC Action. “North Carolina voters can see right through McCrory’s blatant hypocrisy.”

“Once again we call on McCrory to fire his consultant Fred Davis and spokesman Brian Nick. If McCrory is truly for clean campaigns, then he cannot employ the king and crown prince of dirty politics.”


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