McCrory too busy fundraising to take a stand on education funding

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RALEIGH — Yesterday’s report that Pat McCrory has raised $1 million for his campaign so far this year is troubling considering he refuses to take a stand on funding for public education. The people of North Carolina deserve to know how the leading candidate for Governor stands on the the biggest issue facing state government right now.

Two weeks ago, Pat McCrory released his education agenda, but side-stepped questions about funding for education.

If elected Governor, will McCrory, the former spokesperson for Americans for Prosperity, take a similar tack to AFP these days, by promoting more cuts to education and trying to hide the damage with misleading propaganda campaigns? Or will he acknowledge the fact that North Carolina’s public schools have faced devastating cuts and we need to reverse course?

“Pat McCrory is raising money hand over fist, but he will say nothing about the major issue facing North Carolina – funding public education,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress North Carolina ACTION. “For a candidate that talks so much about leadership, he’s showing a glaring lack of leadership right now.”


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