McCrory should face prison contract issue head on

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Gov. McCrory continues to worsen the pay-to-play allegations by complaining about the media's "unfair" reporting and ignoring the serious issues at play. The editorial board at The News & Observer believe that it's time for McCrory to admit his error and work on resolving the problem. 

From The News & Observer, 

A News & Observer report Saturday described circumstances around the state contract extension sought by the governor’s Charlotte friend and political contributor, Graeme Keith. The matter has raised enough red flags that the FBI has interviewed several parties in the deal.

Damning assessments that the contract extensions worth $3 million appeared to be payback were contained in a texts and a memo written by the governor’s appointee, Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry, and by members of the DPS staff. If the governor has an issue with how the deal has been described, it’s with his own people, not the newspaper.

That McCrory is choosing to play the victim of a false characterization suggests that he doesn’t understand the weight of his position or his responsibility to serve – and to appear to serve – the public interest before all else.

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