McCrory Pledges to Support Donald Trump If He Wins Nomination

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Just when you thought Governor McCrory couldn't get any worse, he's now pledging to endorse Donald Trump, if he wins the Republican nomination. Apparently waffling on the KKK, threatening to ban muslims from entering this country and promising to kill family members of terror suspects aren't enough red flags for Pat McCrory. He's joined by Sen. Burr who praised Trump saying, "Donald Trump has done a tremendous job."

From the Winston-Salem Journal article,

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s response to recent questions about former KKK leader David Duke triggered rebukes from some Republican leaders. Party strategists cited by The New York Times say that if Trump were to win the presidential nomination, it would severely lessen the party’s chances to win the presidency, competitive gubernatorial elections or to keep the Senate.

As a clearer picture emerges Tuesday of Trump’s chances to win the 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination outright, the Journal asked the campaigns of Sen. Richard Burr of Winston-Salem, Gov. Pat McCrory and U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, whose 5th Congressional District includes Winston-Salem, whether they would support Trump as the GOP presidential nominee.

Asked in August whether he would support Trump as the nominee, Burr said on Time Warner Cable News: “Absolutely.”

“I will support the nominee regardless of who it is, and I think that Americans are searching right now for solutions to problems that affect them every day. And I think Donald Trump has done a tremendous job of highlighting those specific issues.”

Things had not changed much for Burr by Tuesday.

The “senator will support whoever the nominee is,” said Alex Johnson, Burr’s campaign director of strategic operations.

“The governor will support the party’s nominee,” McCrory spokesman Ricky Diaz said. “The governor has not endorsed a candidate in the primary and believes the process should work out on its own.”


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    Charles Malone
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    Amazing how party loyalty can make these guys lose their moral compass. This year, it's more than mere conservative verses liberal
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    Jane. Demeritt
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    What a sad world we live in when so many people are supporting tis bigot!!!!!
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    Mary Daily
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    Confirmation that NC is going to hell in a handbasket, led by a merry band of misguided Republicans!
  4. Mary Daily's avatar
    Mary Daily
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    Confirmation that NC is going to hell in a handbasket, led by a merry band of misguided Republicans!
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    Seamus Curtis
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    Some earlier wondered at Burr and McCrory losing their moral compass. Can't lose what they never had!
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    Wayne Morris
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    Birds of a feather...
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