McCrory Panders To Tea Party Loons

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Did Gov. McCrory Support Heritage’s Crazy Shutdown Scheme?

RALEIGH—Just one week after Tea Party crazies brought our nation to the brink of default, one week after thousands of federal employees saw the end of their furloughs, just one week after a federal government shutdown cost the people of North Carolina millions of dollars, just one week after Heritage’s crazy shutdown scheme failed miserably, Gov. McCrory seeks to curry favor with those people that have shown they care only about defeating President Obama and nothing about the people of North Carolina. And they proved themselves to be pretty lousy at ittoo.

On the day that Gov. McCrory travels to Washington D.C. to meet with the Tea Party Heritage Foundation, Progress NC Action asks why? Why would Gov. McCrory want to associate with the suicidal Tea Party crowd that has launched a war within in the Republican Party?

Is Gov. McCrory coming down on the side of Ted Cruz?

Is McCrory supporting the Republicans in Congress that three-quarters of America (74%) disapproves of?

Did McCrory support the shutdown?

The actions of Gov. McCrory’s administration during the shutdown—including shutting down WIC payments and stopping Work First applications—sure indicates that he was complicit in making the shutdown painful on the people of North Carolina. Remember, North Carolina was the ONLY state in the nation to cut WIC during the shutdown.  And North Carolina was the only state in the nation to cut Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds during the shutdown.  No other state made these cuts.

“While Gov. McCrory avoids tough questions back at home, it’s telling that he’s happy to meet with the leaders of the Tea Party in Washington, D.C.,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC Action. “Clearly Gov. McCrory is more comfortable pandering to the Ted Cruz wing of the Republican Party.”

“Instead of propping up hostage-takers and new-age anarchists, Gov. McCrory should preach sanity and responsible governance to the Tea Party.  And if Gov. McCrory wants to talk fiscal responsibility today, he should tell Heritage, the debt deniers, and other Tea Party groups to pay back the $24 billion that Standard & Poor’s says was lost as the shutdown slowed the American economy.”


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