McCrory, Lawmakers Battle on Proposed Tax Shift

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As lawmakers iron out the final details of the budget, one of the largest sticking points is the Senate proposal that would redistribute millions of sales tax dollars from urban counties to rural ones. Governor McCrory and lawmakers have been fighting over the proposal, but as the Star News Editorial Board points out, both have been willing to trample on local governments. 

From the editorial,

If the law were to pass, both Wilmington and New Hanover County would be punished for that work.

Brown's argument is that his measure would restore tax fairness to rural counties without the ability to do so on their own. We sympathize with him to a certain extent. Our rural areas do need help.

But can those rural areas really not make investments that lead to more visitors and greater-sales tax revenue, or have they simply chosen not too?

It's been a Republican tenet not to punish success. But all too often with this General Assembly we've seen Republicans do the exact opposite of the governing philosophy on which the party is supposedly built.

The party that despises big government has had no problem changing the way a local government votes, or telling cities and towns what statues they can or cannot take down.


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