McCrory: If We Can't Agree, Brace For Big Cuts

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Governor McCrory is directing agencies to prepare for the worst case scenario if House and Senate leaders can't come to an agreement on a budget before the June 30 deadline. Instead of continuing at current spending levels, McCrory is insisting that DHHS, the UNC system, the Department of Public Instruction and others make cuts equal to whichever budget proposal slashes spending the most. WRAL outlines some of the possible ramifications,

Teachers and state employees will see no pay increases under the guidance memo.

No expansion items, from additional pre-kindergarten slots to extra money for medical examiners, are to be implemented. 

Each agency would have to adjust overall spending to match the lesser of the two spending plans. While they would not have to take exact line-item cuts proposed by either plan, the dollars will come out on the bottom line. 

The cuts they may have to prepare for include: 

  • The Department of Public Instruction would have to prepare for a funding cut of 30 percent plus 70 fewer school nurses.
  • The University of North Carolina system would see an additional $19.8 million cut. 
  • DHHS would receive less in Medicaid funding - the Senate cut $32 million from coverage for 15,000 aged, blind, disabled and medically needy people. 
  • The Department of Public Safety may need to prepare to close two women's prisons: Fountain in Nash County and North Piedmont in Davidson County.  

So if House and Senate leaders can't compromise over what will get cut the most, everyone loses. 


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