McCrory fixates on fountains as educators are left hung out to dry

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Governor repeatedly takes credit for fixing Capitol fountains, but refuses to speak out on lawmakers’ plans to slash 8,500 teaching assistant jobs amid budget chaos

RALEIGH -- At a press conference in Raleigh on Wednesday, Gov. Pat McCrory brought up one of his favorite topics -- fixing the water fountains at the State Capitol complex. As he has done time and time again, the governor waxed poetic about his push to get the fountains working again after taking office.

One thing you won’t hear the governor talking about, however, is the chaos faced by local school districts caused by lawmakers’ failure to pass a budget on time. With school starting in a few weeks, districts still have no idea whether the General Assembly will end up firing over 8,500 teaching assistants -- and many districts have already started sending pink slips to TAs in anticipation of the proposed cuts.

"Teaching assistants are hung out to dry without a state budget that is more than a month late, but Gov. McCrory is still talking about fountains on the capital grounds that were fixed years ago,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “When is the Governor going to realize that what voters want fixed is not his favorite fountain, but better support for public schools, students and teachers?"


“We noticed the two fountains in front of the capitol were broken and filled with trash and dirty water. They looked terrible. I asked why they were in such disrepair. I was told, ‘I don’t know, they’ve been that way for 5 years.’ We can no longer afford a culture of neglect and apathy. Turns out all the fountains needed was a little routine maintenance to get the water flowing again. Now, on any day, you can see people having lunch, reading a book or simply enjoying the day next to those beautiful, historic fountains.” -Gov. McCrory’s 2015 State of the State

“Anyone who has listened to him over the past two years knows it’s the little things that bug Gov. Pat McCrory: dry fountains, broken elevators, traffic jams.” -Raleigh News & Observer, February 2015

“Walking to his office in the old Capitol building, [McCrory] noticed outdoor drinking fountains were full of garbage and "hadn't been turned on in five years.’ He said he immediately had the fountains cleaned up and put back in service.” -Raleigh News & Observer, September 2014


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    Amber Wansley
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    " we can no longer afford a culture of neglect and apathy". You mean like you are doing to the schools of North Carolina. Thanks
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    Kevin Blanchard
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    Way to have your priorities in order you arrogant little jerk! How much did that cost us taxpayers? Why didn't you get out of that MANSION we pay for and clean them yourself? I will be so glad when you are out of office, so you will stop wasting money that us working class folk have to shell out! Hope you are enjoying that expensive bathroom we paid for too! Hug one douchebag!
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    Charles Walters
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    McCrory is a Buffoon. Roy Cooper 2016!!!!!!!!!
  4. Charles Walters's avatar
    Charles Walters
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    McCrory is a Buffoon. Roy Cooper 2016!!!!!!!!!
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    Lisa Atins
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    Maybe he should walk by a couple if schools and maybe it we bother him that they are not in good shape, without teachers, TAs, paper, books, desk etc. Governor this is what north carolina cares about Schools not fountains.
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    Tony Boies
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    Voter turnout apathy is what got him elected. Let's never be apathetic again when it comes to elections.
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    Bonnie Haymore
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    i just pray our state can withstand the rest of our governors term. He and the legislature have totally ruined this state. It is totally despicable that they have been able to tear down our state so much.
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    Cindy Brunetti
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    Gov. McCrory I pray you and the other elected officials make the right decision... I need my job!! Teacher Assistants make a difference in the classroom!
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    Linda Fogleman
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    Having been a teacher assistant for 32 years, I can honestly say that students need assistants. Teachers need them desperately. The classroom is nothing like it was 10 or eeven 5 years ago. Do want to loose all the good teachers and have a country full of non reading people?
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    Schools and teachers in Nc are underpaid , underfunded, and over crowded . Time for me to find a new career with the Masters degree I won't get a pay raise for since Mcrory got into office.
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