McCrory Breaks His Promise Again, Betraying North Carolina Women

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Late last night it was reported that Governor McCrory will sign HB465, which puts new, medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion. This will the second time in 3 years that Governor McCrory has violated the campaign promise he made not to sign any new restrictions on abortion into law. 

From the article,

After clashing with Republican legislators by issuing two vetoes last week, Gov. Pat McCrory said late Wednesday that he will sign a measure to triple the waiting period for an abortion.

The bill is headed to the governor’s desk after a final 71-43 N.C. House vote – largely along party lines – on Wednesday approved several provisions added by the Senate that don’t relate to abortion.

McCrory had avoided media questions in recent weeks about whether he’d veto the bill.

Late Wednesday, McCrory issued a statement that said: “I will sign this bill.”

He said the bill includes “some very positive progress” that will “protect women’s health.”

Opponents of the bill say McCrory should honor a pledge he made during his 2012 campaign. During a debate, he was asked what “further restrictions on abortions” he’d be willing to sign. His one-word answer was “none.”

In 2013, McCrory signed a bill that added new regulations for clinics and limited insurance coverage for government employees seeking abortions. At the time, he said that bill didn’t violate his campaign promise.

Planned Parenthood, which advocates for women’s rights to choose an abortion, had said it would deliver petitions to McCrory’s office Thursday with 16,000 signatures opposed to the latest bill.

“Gov. McCrory promised to veto new abortion restrictions, and North Carolina women believed him,” Alison Kiser, a spokeswoman for the group, said Wednesday. “Going back on his word by allowing these new restrictions to become law would represent a fundamental betrayal of voters’ trust.”

The bill extends the waiting period for abortions from one day to three, adds inspection requirements for clinics and dictates the types of doctors who can perform abortions. Supporters say it’s a “strong pro-life bill” that is needed to protect women. 


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    Chris Kuster
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    You LIED! You said you wouldn't put further restrictions on women for abortions and now you are. I don't like calling people names, but sir, you are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will not forget this come election time! Pack your bags now - the party if OVER!
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    Nelda Howell
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    Governor McCrory lied and cannot be trusted. I am voting for Roy Cooper in 2016!
  3. Nelda Howell's avatar
    Nelda Howell
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    Governor McCrory lied and cannot be trusted. I am voting for Roy Cooper in 2016!
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    Doug Roach
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    Give our Raleigh resident clown a break.<br /> He doesn't know what a lie is... he's a Republican.
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