McCrory and allies waging a “war on facts” to defend HB2

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False claims abound as governor and allies attempt to defend the indefensible

In their attempt to ward off overwhelming criticism over HB2, Gov. McCrory and his allies have repeatedly resorted to pushing false claims and willful ignorance about their misguided and bigoted law.

First, the McCrory campaign sent out a wildly misleading “fact check” about HB2 -- which earned the worst possible rating from WRAL’s own fact-checkers. Then, the governor tried to claim that HB2 doesn’t take away “any rights that have currently existed in any city in North Carolina." PolitiFact ruled the claim “False.”

HB2 supporters have also tried to claim that local nondiscrimination laws such as the Charlotte ordinance make it easier for male sexual predators to commit crimes in bathrooms and locker rooms. However, when Equality NC’s Chris Sgro pointed out that "There have not been any public safety issues" in cities that allow transgender people to use the bathrooms they’re more comfortable in, PolitiFact supported Sgro's claim.

Meanwhile, the right-wing NC Values Coalition sent out a list of “over 300 businesses” which supposedly support the law. When questioned by the Greensboro News & Record, the group admitted their list of “businesses” was actually 300 private individuals. Of the remaining handful of businesses, the largest -- Hanesbrand -- immediately asked to be taken off the list because they do NOT in fact support HB2. And another business on the list was actually found to be located in SOUTH Carolina!

And just this week, after PayPal announced that it was canceling a planned 400-job expansion in North Carolina because of HB2,Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest tried to claim that PayPal’s gender-specific bathrooms would have been “illegal” under the Charlotte ordinance. Forest’s claim that the Charlotte ordinance would have somehow forced private businesses to eliminate gender-specific bathrooms altogether is patently false.

“It’s awfully telling that Gov. McCrory and his allies are unable to defend HB2 without resorting to false claims and bogus scare tactics,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “HB2 is costing North Carolina jobs, but Gov. McCrory continues to wage a “war on facts” in order to defend the indefensible. Maybe the governor didn’t understand what he was signing when he rushed to enact this misguided law, but now the facts are clear: HB2 is bad for business."


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    Governor McCrory and his allies are battling uphill because the claims they make about risks hinge upon false assumptions about transgender persons. As a Clinical Psychologist and expert in gender and sexuality, it is clear that the legislators and Governor in North Carolina are reverting to folk wisdom propped up by prejudice. If they were to actually be advised by scientists and professionals who know something about gender and identity, they would not vilify transgender persons who in my experience are for the most part kind and well meaning. Their notions about gender invoke the bigotry that fueled racism. Namely....these people are less than. The governor and his guys should be ashamed of themselves. Don't they have anything better to do than fan hatred and prejudice? Apparently things were going so well in North Carolina that the state can afford to experiment by creating a problem and seeing what happens.
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    No special rights for sexual diviants. It's clear to those with com mon sense and perspective. No degree needed.
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